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Sarcoma of soft parts – extensive group of the malignant new growths occurring from primitive embryonic mesoderm (an average germinal leaf). Death rate from a sarcoma rather high: about half of the patients who have ill a sarcoma, dies.

The most frequent place of development of a sarcoma – the bottom finitenesses. The above, the less often sarcoma is. * the High degree of malignity. Here carry opposite characteristics of a sarcoma, as a high differentiation of cells and small mitotic their activity, small quantity of actually tumoral cells and a plenty stromas in a sarcoma, small quantity of vessels and a small number of the centers necrosis.

Examples of sarcomas of soft parts are:

* alveolar sarcoma of soft parts;
* angiosarcoma;
* malignant perithelial endothelioma;
* malignant mesenchymoma;
* malignant fibrous histiocytoma;
* malignant neurilemmoma;
* leiomyosarcoma;
* lipoblastoma;
* rhabdomyoblastoma;
* synovial sarcoma;
* fibrosarcoma;
* epithelioid sarcoma.

Treatment of a sarcoma of soft fabrics mainly surgical. To the factors improving survival rate, carry: age less than 50 years; a low degree malignity sarcomas; a pain in the field of a tumor; the small sizes of a tumor and its arrangement on finitenesses; absence of metastasises.

Soft Tissue Sarcoma - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Methods.
Source: Juliet Cohen
Soft tissue sarcoma is a disease in which cancer (malignant) cells begin growing in soft tissue in the body. Soft tissue sarcomas aren't common. Soft tissue sarcomas are classified according to the type of soft tissue they resemble.

Causes of Soft tissue sarcoma
The common causes and risk factor's of Soft tissue sarcoma include the following:
The exact cause of soft tissue sarcoma is not known.
Symptoms of Soft tissue sarcoma
Some symptoms related to Soft tissue sarcoma are as follows.
Stomach pain and vomiting.
Treatment of Soft tissue sarcoma
Here is list of the methods for treating Soft tissue sarcoma.
Surgery is the most common treatment for soft tissue sarcoma.

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