Colpitis or Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina; in this disease the vaginal mucosa is red, edematous, sometimes appearing shagreen (so called granular colpitis) and at times bleeds when touched; it involves a discharge, most frequently of a purulent nature. During the acute stage patients complain of a burning sensation, corrosion of the skin on the thighs by out flowing discharges, pain during urination, coitus and examination.
Whatever the source of infection, the integrity of the vaginal epithelium is often violated, this may take place during childbirth, prolonged inflammation of the internal genitalia, in which the discharge destroys the vaginal epithelium, very passionate coitus, etc. During the acute stage this disease requirest rest; later, when the acute symptoms have subsided, suitable treatment is begun (careful disinfection of the vagina and external genitalia). It should be note that colpitis is not infrequently observed in little girls as well as in old women (senile colpitis). Source: A.Kaplan
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