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The word physician often leads to confusion because of its spelling. Specialized areas of medicine include cardiology, gastroenterology, general surgery, geriatric medicine, endocrinology, oncology, infectious diseases, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedic surgery, pathology, plastic surgery, psychiatry, radiology, urology, and vascular surgery.
In terms of job opportunities for physicians worldwide, the increasing demand in the health care sector has ensured a wide choice. Rehabilitation includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech pathology. Physicians can either opt for regular employment with clinics or hospitals or even prefer to set up their own practice.
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How to Become a Qualified Physician Assistant?

Today, the role of Physician assistant is inevitable, who has been the key number one assistant for the doctors, surgeons and physicians.
There are many challenging and great opportunities which anyone with a physician assistant certification can sought in and explore through for their career advancement.
- Next, look out for the best University offering for online or In campus degree or bachelor program which is accredited by the Accredited Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant. Some of the best Universities offering this Physician assistant degree program are as below;
* University of Chicago - improved in popularity and 70% increased in the enrollment of its Physician Assistant degree program over the last five years.
* University of Drexel - It is a top tier University in the fields of Nursing and health professions, clinical research, public health, toxicology and many more. The program helps to strengthen their analytical thinking, to equip them with essential skills and knowledge, and transforming the physician assistant into its specialized sector such as public health, pharmacology, clinical specialists, medical ethics and others.
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