Silent Killer - What Women Should Know About Ovarian Cancer
The American Cancer Society estimated that approximately 15,280 women died from ovarian cancer in the United States during 2007. Ovarian cancer ranks fifth among cancers in women, and accounts for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. Part of the reason for ovarian cancer's high mortality rate is the difficulty in diagnosing a disease with few warning signs. Like any cancer, the sooner ovarian cancer is diagnosed and treated, the better a woman's chances of survival. A woman can also inherit an increased risk of ovarian cancer. Women with a strong family history of ovarian cancer are more likely to develop the disease at a younger age (prior to 50).
While statistics indicate ovarian cancer mainly occurs in women 55 or older, one third of women who develop this disease are much younger. Two of the diagnostic tests available are generally used with women having a higher risk of ovarian cancer. Gynecologic Cancer Foundation - Established in 1991 by the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists (SGO), the mission of GCF is to promote public awareness about the prevention, early detection, and treatment of gynecologic cancers.
Source: Catherine Johnson

Best Paying Careers For Women - 3 High-Paying Careers Worth Looking Into

If you want to discover the best paying careers for women, then this article could give you the vital information you need.
If you want in on the whole jig, you might want to shift to the best paying careers for women.
These careers definitely lead to the good life. What woman doesn't want to earn a higher salary and to afford all the things that she wants in life, right? If it's a change of direction you want, then here's a list of some of the best paying careers for women.
1) Gynecology is a woman's turf.
Not to say that male gynecologists aren't just as good as female gynecologists. However, you have to admit that women would most likely choose female gynecologists over their male counterparts.
2) It pays to be fashion forward.
One of the best paying careers for women is a career in fashion. 3) Psyche yourself into a career change.
Psychiatrists are also among the best-paid professionals in the industry.
Source: Michael Lee

Some Natural Herbs For Treating Women's Health Problems

Dong Quai
This is a portion of the root of the Chinese perennial plant "Angelica Sinesis" and part of the root of the "A. Acutiloba" plant from Japan. It is thought that Dong Quai helps to relieve the symptoms associated with PMS and its reputation as a female tonic is largely due to its ability to lessen the problems associated with PMS. It also helps to regulate a woman's menstrual cycles. In the traditional treatment methodology of TCM, Dong Quai is considered as the "Queen of Herbs" for women. 2. Wild Yam
It has also been found that this herb is good for treating not just menstrual cramps but other similar problems as well as digestive problems and irritable bowel syndrome.
As you can see there are a number of different herbs which are readily available for treating women's health problems.
Source: Dr. Kang-Pang Chan
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