Oncology Jobs 
 By Ian Broad Platinum Quality Author

Oncology is the study and examination of cancer. Oncology is defined in three areas of discipline: medical oncology, radiation oncology and surgical oncology.
There are many cancers that are treated by the oncologist and some of them are: breast cancers, malignant melanomas, stomach cancers, bone tumors, and Hodgkin's disease. With each patient, the oncologist discusses with their patients what course of action he or she wants to pursue in fighting the cancer and listens to the questions and the concerns of the patient and family.
When a diagnosis of cancer has been made, the oncologist is required to explain to the patient the diagnosis, the stage of cancer, the various treatment options, what the physician recommends as treatment, ensure that the correct kind of care is given and help improve the patient's life with curative and palliative care along with pain management. Oncologists also have several work environments: hospitals, university settings, and research laboratories.

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