Underdeveloped uterus and vagina. Some adult women have a small uterus and a narrow vagina. Like those of a small girl (infantile uterus) or a very small uterus with an elongated cervix (hypoplasia of the uterus). Underdeveloped external genitalia are also observed, namely, inadequately developed labia majora and minora, low perineum, narrow and small vulvar opening, scanty hair on the mons veneris, and feebly pronounced secondary sexual characteristics. In such women underdevelopment of other systems of the organism is also not infrequently observed. In cases of underdeveloped internal genitalia disorders of the ovarian-menstrual cycle are observed (late onset of menstruations, scant menses to the point of amenorrhea, infertility). These disorders can be prevented by sanatory measures carried out during the first years of the girl’s life.
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