JLBG is the largest provider of health insurance and employee benefit plans, and because the company is fully aware that health insurance is a complex subject, it offers free advice, quotes, and news from a licensed professional for individuals, employees, and students. The company was founded in 1972 by Jeffrey L. Barnes, who is a top provider for Time Insurance Company (Assurant Health). JLBG is the largest premium volume MGA for Assurant Health, and is most certainly on the rise with other health insurance carriers. The Assurant Health plan company of JLBG pioneered the FPP™ (the Fortis Protector Program) in 1993, by offering personalized individual health insurance benefit plans to the staffing industry. An Assurant Health insurance plan should be a major element of any financial plan. JLBG can offer a range of individual Assurant Health policies to suit lifestyles, needs, and budgets. Expert health insurance advice , learn about health insurance. Online health insurance quote , Affordable health insurance .

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