Some grants are for research purposes promising better and more advanced maternal health services.
Besides, there are Hemophilia grants to provide support to the centers giving hemophilia diagnostic and treatment services and certain project based grants are especially created to motivate personnel involved in teaching and demonstrating services to mothers and children.
This grant program involves Community Integrated Service Systems (CISS) program, which is started at the moment, the total appropriation for a year reaches more than $600 million. Public and private nonprofit institutions employing higher learning and public and private nonprofit private agencies and organizations conducting research in the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) or conducting the program for the Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) are eligible for the research grants.

Source: John Goldman

International Student Health Insurance Benefits And Importance

With international student insurance they can pursue distant education without any obstacles. International schools and student visas require its students to have medical insurance to safeguard their life in a foreign country. It is imperative to have international student medical insurance for students pursuing education in USA and abroad. International student medical insurance underwrites spouses and dependents (F4 visa) along with the students. Adequate benefits are available with international student medical insurance at lower rates.

Periodic renewals of insurance plans ensure regular premium payments. Various insurance plans offer direct claims settlement through PPO network in USA. Medical expenses such as; doctor visits, hospitalization, medical evacuation, prescribed drugs, surgery, terrorism etc, are covered by international student insurance.

Source: Jim Gardener

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