Properly organished obstetric aid administered to all pregnant and parturient women is at the same time one of the main prophyclatic factors in controlling women's diseases. The Measure of mother and child protection carried out in the Soviet Union (Rusia) - Improvement of the living conditions, extensive housting construction, development of a wide net work of city and collective farm maternity homes, as well as medical and obstetric stations have sharply reduced the incidence of gynecological diseases. In addition to the aforesaid factors, measures of women's labour protection and development of physical culture among women have also played an important part in preventing gynecological diseases. Of great importance for the control of gynecological diseases is early treatment of the patients and their timely detection by mass prophyclatic examinations of the female population.
The functions of the woman's sexual sphere are most closely connected with her general condition. Thus, the extensive sanatory measures carried out in the U.S.S.R help to reduce the disease incidence in general and that of gynecological diseases in particular.
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