Above we discussed septic disease during the puerperium. Penetration pf microbes into the genitali may also cause septic inflammatory disease outside of pregnancy septic infection is often introduced during intrauterine manipulations swabbing, injections and abortions performed outside of hospitals; if the integrity of vaginal tissue is violated, infection may also gain entrance through these gates. Unlike the widespread process during gonorrheal infection which in most cases affects the entire sexual apparatus, septic inflammation of the internal genitalia is most frequently confined to individual parts. If septic infection penetrates to the higher parts of the genitalia, usually one side is affected and either a right sided or left sided affection of the adnexa and parametric connective tisuue is observed. As regards direct hazard to the patient’s life, septic infection is more dangerous than gonoccocic infection; however during their subsequent course septic disease are more amenable to treatment and the microorganisms are relatively rapidly destroyed. Most women who haved recovered form such diseases retain their child bearing ability. To be sure, in these cases considerable anatomical changes adhesions, cicatricial wrinkling may also remain in the parts which were affected by septic inflammation. Source: A.Kaplan   

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