Colposcopes For Gynecologic Procedures
By Jeremy Linder

Colposcopes are lighted binocular microscopes specially designed for different gynecologic procedures. Specifications and User-friendly Features
For viewing comfort, colposcopes are equipped with user-friendly features such as Quartz Halogen bulb, variable intensity rheostat, high magnification eye pieces, dual diopters and more. There are models available with binocular or trinocular heads with varying magnifications, working distances, field of view (FOV) and zoom magnifications. Use Quality Products for Successful Gynecologic Examinations
Today, colposcopes enjoy high demand in the medical industry. Colpo-Master I and II series of these products are the best selling models available from Unico.

Telemedicine - Treatment From A Distance
By Shakir A.

The term ‘telemedicine’ refers to the system where medical advice and treatment is delivered to patients from a distance. Telemedicine can also involve the use of unmanned robots delivering medical files and information to medical professionals anywhere through the network.
Telemedicine is the use of communications technology to access the clinical data of patients and the delivery of medical treatment to them. There is real time telemedicine that is as simple as a telephone call to your family doctor or complex telemedicine that involves surgery by robots. Telemedicine requires both the parties to be present through a communications link established through reliable forms of networking that is under control of the parties at all times. Video-conferencing equipment is one of the most common forms of technologies used in synchronous telemedicine. For instance, a tele-otoscope allows a remote physician to 'see' inside a patient's ear; a tele-stethoscope allows the consulting remote physician to hear the patient's heartbeat.

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