India as a Medical Tourism Destination
By Manoj Gursahani

India has fast emerged as the preferred choice of many foreign patients looking for quality, timely and professional health care services and wellness programs with affordable options offered to them from the leading hospitals and clinics in India. India's advantages in the quality medical tourism sector: bargains, budget travel, professionally managed customized tour packages and best medical care courtesy capable networking between hospitals and travel operators!
While India also has a wide network of professionally managed and marketed corporate hospitals that have tied up with leading travel agencies to offer low-cost, speedy and effective medical care to foreign patients, the wide range of specialties covered makes Indian solution providers hard to resist for those battling with serious medical problems, sky-rocketing medical bills and long queues. India hospitals and medical centers conduct all medical investigations using the latest, technologically advanced diagnostic equipment while following stringent quality assurance exercises, which ensures that medical tourism patients receive reliable and high quality test results. The annual growth rate is expected to be 30 per cent for 2007-2008 with more attention being paid to helping India figure on the top choice list for foreign medical tourism patients currently being diverted to Singapore (the latter being an established medical care hub that attracts and envious 150,000 medical tourists a year).
Best solutions in India: names that promote India as a Top Medical Tourism Destination
Some of the best reports from satisfied patients and their referrals lead to further enquiries to the best names in quality and comprehensive health care in Indian hospitals such as The Apollo Group, Escorts Hospitals in New Delhi and Jaslok Hospitals in Mumbai.
High Success Rates keep the numbers flowing in for Quality, Speedy and Comprehensive Medical Tourism in India!
Furthermore, India's independent credit rating agency (CRISIL) has assigned a grade 'A' rating to super specialty hospitals like Escorts and multi specialty hospitals like Apollo and even established centers like NHS of the UK and The British Standards Institute having indicated that India is a favored destination for surgeries (having accredited the Delhi-based Escorts Hospital) ease the decision-making process for many foreign patients particular about quality and cost-effective health care solutions India provides. Besides this, Apollo Group - the largest private hospital chain in India and Wockhardt Hospital are now JCI accredited and thus, the boom in the medical tourism sector in India is but, expected to get even bigger!

Best-Of-Breed Medical Billing Service + SaaS EMR - 8 Software and Practice Transition Challenges
By Yuval Lirov

Integrated SaaS and Outsourced Service
SaaS shifts the onus of systems management from the user to the SaaS vendor
In business accounting terms, SaaS turns capital expense into operating expense, which translates into
Transition Challenges - People and Processes
It involves people, processes, and technology. Since SaaS model eliminates traditional systems management headaches, you can focus only on people and processes:
Communicate, communicate, and communicate. Document specific changes in the new workflow. Control the Fear of Change. Carefully design the new workflow leveraging the new solutions together with workflow participants, including the practice manager and every doctor.
Track. Schedule regular (weekly) implementation review meetings with practice manager.
Consider using a process tracking system, e.g., TrackLogix
Train Gradually. Allocate enough time to train everybody on both the new processes and technology.

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