Pains are a symptom of almost all gynecological disease. However, not all disease are attended with the same pain sensations. For example, labourlike pains are characteristic of abortion and clots of blood retained in the uterine cavity, continuos dull pains are caused by prolonged pressure on nerve fibres, for example, in cases of inflammatory edema and large fibromyomas; persistent pains in the sacrum are observed in cases of a fixed retroversion of the uterus; pains of a gnawing character which sometimes also continued at night and exhaust the patient, occur in cases of neglected malignant neoplasms, etc. the character of the disease may be assumed after a careful questioning of the patient and consideration of all the extant signs and the woman’s condition and age. Not one of these signs considered by itself, as also no absence of any of them, warrants any categorical conclusions. The patient must be thoroughly examined by a gynecologist. For infertility see p.283.
Source A.Kaplan
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