How to Choose Best Ob-Gyn Jobs
With the increasing complexities in life, the demand of gynecology jobs has really increased to a great extent. Ob/gyn career in United States
Being one of the responsible works of safeguarding infants into this world, Obstetrics career is regarded as really important. There are job vacancies located in different states of the US, where quality obstetrics and gynecologists are high in demands. So, if you have studied this special branch of medicine, you can try your luck looking for quality job vacancies as a gynecologist or obstetrician. Source: Anirban Bhattacharya

How to Carry Out a Breast Self-Exam

Platinum Quality AuthorMany women are at risk of developing some form of breast cancer over the course of their lives. Here are the basic steps to perform in a breast self-exam:
Check for any possible changes in the appearance of your skin, shape or texture. 4. Taking your time, raise one arm and systematically examine the opposite breast (left arm, right breast, etc.) using the pads of your first two fingers. 6. Repeat the systematic examination with the opposite arm and breast.
With the opposite hand, repeat the massage technique to check for lumps and bumps. When it comes to the breast self-exam, you may use a light lotion to allow your fingers to glide more smoothly around the breast. 
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How to Lose Pregnancy Weight?

Pregnancy is a major turning point in the life of every woman. To get rid of the extra weight, there are many ways that can effortlessly result into losing your pregnancy weight. Most common women compare themselves with celebrities who become mother and lose weight quite comfortably. Actually, celebrities follow a strict diet and exercise plan as guided by experts including fitness experts, dietitians and nurses. That is why, these women can reduce weight quickly and maintain a healthy body.
Monitor Your Diet
Gaining weight during childbirth is a common factor in many women.
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